Monday, January 28, 2008

The Endlessly Flowing Vessel

An excerpt from the free online ebook "All at Once: A Practically Instant Guide to Creativity"

Any experienced teacher will tell you that the most valuable lessons are learned from students.

Find a place to share your interest in art.

•Ask at your local elementary school. There are probably several teachers who would schedule art sessions more often if they had an extra adult to help.

•Work with a youth organization such as 4-H or start an after school art club at your local church. Ask hobby shops and office supply stores for donations of materials.

•Volunteer to help with art activities for older or handicapped adults.

•Check your local newspaper for opportunities to share your art-related skills.


1.Make a list of everything you already know about any art or craft.

2.Make a list of the kinds of people in your town who might like to learn what you know. Children? Seniors? Working mothers? Harried executives with high blood pressure?

3.Make a list of places you might find these people.

4.Make a list of the things you would like to be able to teach.

5.Make a list of the ways you could learn to do those things better.

6.Write one thing you can do today to share your love of art.

7.Do the thing you wrote in number six before you go to bed tonight.