Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let Go of the Results

All at Once
a practically instant guide to creativity

The love of money may not be the root of all evil, but it is the root of a lot of mediocrity and unoriginality in art.
There’s no doubt about it, the market-place loves the familiar. If you want to support your kids through college with your art or writing, then the advice in this booklet is not for you. Originality is not as popular as people would like to believe.
If you are doing art for yourself you have the best chance of producing something unique. The reason is simple. You do not need to worry about whether anybody else will like your finished piece enough to buy it.
How do retailers know what will sell? They look at what people are already buying. Artists who sell do the same thing. It works, but is it original? Does it provide the “recreation” that civilizations require of their art?
If you make art without thought for its ultimate fate, you can allow each piece to become what it needs to be, evolving under your brush in a joyously unpredictable way.


1. Cover a small canvas with random patterns of three or four colors of acrylic paint in less than ten minutes. Repeat with four other canvases. Put them all aside. Do the same thing every day for a week. Have a show for yourself. Put the pieces up all around a room. Assume that there is something hidden in each picture. Choose one painting at a time to develop. If any of the paintings leads you to a type of subject matter, or a style you want to explore, follow it. Save the original canvases for reference.
2. Tear as many pictures out of old magazines as you can in ten minutes. Create a collage from the pictures. Notice any themes that might show up. These can be colors, textures and angles as well as subjects. Use these ideas to create a painting or series of paintings.
3. Take out a thick book. Close your eyes and open it to a random page. Point. Write down the word you are pointing to. Change books. Repeat three to five times. Write a paragraph or poem using the three words. What is it about? Do a painting based on your paragraph or poem.

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