Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gray Weather, Grande Jatte

This morning, I turned over my calendar to the December page revealing a reproduction of a lovely, moody painting by Seurat entitled "Gray Weather, Grande Jatte." Seurat is a master of moodiness, and I adore his shadowy drawings, Dover's collection of which, sadly, is out of print.

Outside the upstairs window of my little ex-bedroom office, dramatic gray clouds are skidding overhead on their way to the mountains, where they are scheduled to deliver up to five feet of snow to waiting ski resorts.

Looking out at the sun-touched wet landscape outside, I remember one beautiful Saturday afternoon when I dashed up the stairs to my father's studio and dragged him to the window to see all the city streets below our hilltop house painted with silver. I hope my daughter will remember some moment with me as I remember that.

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