Friday, November 30, 2007

Life and Art

Today, I was drawn in by a thread on the forum of one of the microstock sites. The posts were about the "other lives" of designers and photographers.

There are graphic artists, scientists, media people, and professors. There are students, parents, and retirees. There are graduates of prestigious schools and self-taught artists. There are people from all over the world.

Reading these posts brought to mind an old question: What is an artist? Is an artist someone who makes his living solely from the creation of artwork? Is an artist someone with an MFA? Some people believe that one or both of these criteria hold true.

The internet may well change art forever. It gives us the opportunity to experience the work itself, without curatorial intervention. Perhaps, we will find that artists do not necessarily earn a living by plying their craft. Some are scientists. Others are German professors. We may also find that some self-taught painters are producing fresher, more meaningful work than their academically-trained peers.

Is this surprising? How many of our best poets were physicians or civil servants?

See some amazing international art at Here's my portfolio there.